Managed Technology Recruitment Services

Service Models & Pricing:

Vy’s Managed Technology Recruitment Solutions – MTRS services will benefit our customers in creating new opportunities for revenue generation, reduce the recruitment costs and increase the number of placements. The service offerings gives multiple choices of service levels to choose based on current specific needs swap between the offerings based on the demand and growth.

The cost of the service is usually 50% less when compared to the current fixed recruitment costs. Service delivery team will be assigned to the customer’s Recruitment Division/Resource Manager/Sales team or Account Manager based on the service level chosen.

The service offerings is categorized into two models. Model-1 and Model-2 are designed based on workflow tasks and process owned by Vy.

A Sr. Manager will be assigned as an escalation point to ensure the smooth progress of services/resolve issues. Vy also provides customized recruitment solutions and service models based on specific needs of the customers.

Vy’s model provides the best quality, focused effort, cost savings and also creates opportunities to open up new revenue streams for our customers.

CRM will discuss and provide various pricing plans and options.

Hassle-free recruitment…

Key strength of Vy is to provide a cost effective customized recruitment solutions based on specific needs and recruitment volumes of the customer. Customer can opt a service from several models based on their needs. Vy’s recruitment model comprises a team of support specialists to simplify the recruitment process and can be viewed as a virtual extension of your recruitment team. Every customer will be assigned a Recruitment – Relationship manager. RRM will be the single point of contact and owns the responsibility of smooth execution of day to day recruitment tasks.